The Friends of AYB

Mission Statement

The Friends of AYB is an organization of people committed to supporting American Youth Ballet students and director through volunteerism and involvement with performances, projects, fund raisers and related activities. We believe that dance is essential to society, demonstrating infinite possibilities for human expression and potential. We endeavor to foster appreciation and stimulate an interest in ballet and other forms of dance while sharing the beauty of the art form with our community.

The Friends of AYB are dedicated to supporting the students of American Youth Ballet to follow their passion by creating opportunities for them to present their accomplishments to an audience. We feel that nurturing a participation in a wide range of experiences will promote discipline, creativity, confidence, self-esteem and personal growth.

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The Friends of AYB supports and encourages the programs and activities of the American Youth Dance Academy School of Dance through the following committees:

  • Fundraising – Chairperson and Committee Members Needed - pursues various avenues of fundraising for the school including boutique and concession sales at AYB Performances, raffle sales, specialized fundraising events, etc.
  • Social Events/Enrichment Programs – Chairperson and Committee Members Needed - organizes/hosts events throughout the year including cast parties for school performances, extracurricular activities such as field trips to special local events and production related educational opportunities.
  • Community Awareness – Chairperson and Committee Members Needed - members help to promote general awareness of programs, opportunities and performances that the school offers the community through public relations, advertising and flyers.
  • Production – Chairperson and Committee Members Needed - members assist in set design, costuming, set up, striking, and backstage support.

The Friends of AYB is a fun and exciting organization that allows you to be a part of your child’s dance school experience in a more intimate way. Come learn more about the friends of AYB and meet parents with a common bond and interest. Let’s help to continue to provide American Youth Dance Academy students with an opportunity to participate in unparalleled experiences!

If you are interested in become a member of The Friends of AYB, please complete the membership form, indicating in which areas you are able to help and return via e-mail or place printed version in the Friends of AYB box at the studio. We are in great need of committee members as listed above in order to continue to provide exceptional stage experiences for our students. The cost and commitment of staging a full production can be daunting even for large schools, but for a small school like ours it could quickly become impossible without the assistance of fund raising and a support system.

Friends of AYB Coordinator
Laurie Wolfe